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HFFG and Greg Frank has over 50 years experience of providing our clients with tax, bookkeeping and financial services.

Our experience and knowledge separates us from all the other firms practicing in this field. Our company requires our statff to have at least 16-40 hrs a year of continuing education. With all of the changes in tax legislation, it puts a trememdous burden on us to know the laws and how they affect us.

Having the additional education each year allows us to better serve our clients. We also take pride in the staff we have placed around us. They strive to put us and our clients first. Most of them have held executive positions outside of our firm, which gives them the experience they need to help our firm succeed.


In a tough market, it's important to ensure that you're getting the right financial counsel...
Tax audits are on the rise and we can take the fear out of the process...
We will assist you in evaluating the pros and cons for each to help you...
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